Chew on This

39 American Universities use a Bulldog as their mascot!! 


Pvt. Jiggs

In 1922, King Bulwark, later renamed Jiggs, began his official duties in the U.S. Marine Corps.


First Dog

Warren G. Harding was the only U.S. President to own a Bulldog while in office.

Why Our Bulls are the Best... 

What started out as a pure love for a Bully, later named Kimo Flop, turned into a passion for the breed!  Kimo was born in August of 2008.  He was born exactly one month prior to us welcoming our 2nd daughter LiLi into the world.  

Since then, Kimo and LiLi, as well as the rest of our family, have been inseparable!

What began as a super secret anniversary present to my wife…has turned into Bondzai Bulldogs!

We have been very selective with our stud service as well as within our own breedings.  That being said, Kimo has produced some EXCLUSIVE AND BEAUTIFUL Bullies over the years and we hope to continue his legacy into the future.                               ~ Aaron Bond

About Bondzai Bulldogs...

Fun Facts...

We are a purebred, registered crew with a balanced gait and glistening coats.

Our fragrant post-bath aroma makes humans re-think their definitions of "wet-dog smell."

When you ask us to play dead, we can break wind that would make you wish YOU were dead!!

Bondzai Bulldogs